See what our customers are saying about Janes and Jacks.

I would recommend having lots of your own things with you in the hospital - it makes you feel more yourself. I also highly recommend wearing your own clothes instead of the hospital clothes. They’re much more comfortable.”  — Sheila  
My daughter Sarah swooned over the monogrammed Janes I gave her for Christmas! She loved it. Thank you so much for suggesting it.
— Kris from Boston  
“I was lucky enough to receive this amazing robe from my mom before giving birth. This robe saved my life in the hospital after giving birth! It is beyond comfortable and made me feel spoiled in very non pampering surrounds. I love it so much that I now use it as my pajamas! I wash it a ton with a newborn at home and the quality is phenomenal! This is a definite must in every soon-to-be mom’s hospital bag!”
— Erika, Isreal
“I did get the gowns in the mail today. WOW, they are so soft! I’m so impressed.”
— Rochelle Monique Brandon, MD

I want the gifts I give to be meaningful and expressive of what I value. This year I have been buying Janes for my friends. To me they represent a gift of comfort and caring. Janes allow me to nurture my friends and support free mammogram programs at the same time.

— Joyce, Texas


I saw Janes talked about on our local San Antonio news station and found the GetJanes website and bought several of them. I always take one of them with me to doctors appointments. I’ve taken samples and brochures to several doctors in our local medical community. It is heartwarming when you hand a gown or a brochure over and see the smiles on the women’s faces. I’ve also sent some to family members suffering from illness as well. One Jane gown is dedicated to wearing around the house. It is so comfortable and just warm enough without being too warm. I LOVE Janes’ Gowns!

— Mary Beth, Texas

Girls...Ladies...friends. Save this post and show to your OB/GYN and the next time you go for a mammo or at the radiologist-cancer center or someone you know who will be nursing. The Janes are exactly what anyone(men too) would want to wear. If I sound like an Infomercial, sorry. sharon and her cousin are kind FB friends - bathrobes should be this yummy feeling.

— Rickie from Florida

I can’t WAIT to go to my follow up appointments with my oncologist and my breast surgeon over the next few months. I plan on bringing my Jane with me. No more paper Johnnies for this girl. When I said I would be bringing back my power in 2015 that includes not being that scared, cowering girl sitting on a cold slab, with my side boobs hanging out.

— Becky from RI


I gave these (with monogrammed bags) as gifts to my Boston lady friends and everyone loves them!! The gown itself and the reasons it was created. And a fabulous price!! So, if you need an extra gift for someone , or a bday present next year….GETJANES.

— Jane from Boston


I wanted to let you know I had a mammogram yesterday morning and I was thrilled to be handed a real life Jane! It’s a fabulous item in every way -great muted color and design on fabric that feels great to wear! It is absolutely phenomenal and we should all be so appreciative to you for having the talent creativity business acumen and the drive to make it happen. Many thanks for lifting our spirits and making us feel good about ourselves at what can be a stressful time!

— Joan from RI


In early December I knew I needed to get a mammogram, your email about your business was the final really “big sign” I needed to make the appointment - I did that day and many tests, biopsies, MRI, consultations, etc. later, I’m here today to tell you that it all went well - it was caught very early - stage 0 in fact. I have 2 really good surgeons and am embarking on the reconstructive process now. So your timing was impeccable... thank you for the work you do and the passion you have for it. You are blessing to women...I know first hand how much this means to those of us going through it. They did not have your beautiful gowns at the Hospital!

— Denise, Michigan


We are thrilled at The Breast Health Center to be able to offer our patients the latest design in patient gowns. We have always acknowledged the inherent dignity of each patient and believe the Janes will help us further preserve this dignity during all patient encounters.

— Robert Legare, MD

The word HAS to get out on these comfy Janes. The nurses here at Hartford Hospital were very complimentary on my Jane.and I swear it made a difference in how I felt about myself.

— Caroline, CT


I decided that, if I was going to endure this for six weeks, I was going to do it in a comfortable gown that fit. That much I could and would control. I went home and shopped the internet for something that would work and, to my delight, I discovered GetJanes. Hitting the “confirm purchase” button felt like an important step towards getting my life back.

— Laura

I love it. I am so much more comfortable having a mammogram or going to the doctor’s office, knowing that I will be well covered. They are a little pricey, but I promise it is well worth the expense to have this level of physical and psychological well being, in an already stressful situation. And I think most women would not buy this for themselves, so it makes a particularly fine gift.

— Affinity (http://affatshionista.com)


I bought Janes for family and friends. The product is excellent, well made, and flattering. It is a fantastic alternative to hospital “johnnies” with a “northern exposure”. Thanks so much for creating a product that responds to the needs of women at a time when they feel most vulnerable.

— Sande, Maryland

I had the privilege of receiving a new patient gown called a “jane” for women, created by a company called Get Janes, to replace those “expository” and flimsy hospital gowns we have to wear all too frequently. I wore it several times over the past week: around the house, to bed, and to today’s appointment. I loved it. The fabric is very soft, it has a pocket, and the sleeves are longer. It’s more like a thin robe and is much more comfortable than hospital gowns or worse, those horrible papery sheets. 
— Nancy

I ordered a small and look forward to receiving it before my surgery in September. Dignity is not easy to hold steady as a patient, but your robe will Provide me a layer of respect and protection. What a wonderful way you are helping woman maintain our dignity and feel protected!

— Sarah, CA