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The Story About Janes

Janes patient examination gowns were born out of necessity. My Mother and two sisters are Breast Cancer Survivors, because of that family history, I often found myself in Breast Health Centers, Radiology Departments and Women’s Clinics being vigilant about testing and exams. During those times I would sit endlessly in an ill fitting, uncomfortable and very thin patient/hospital gown. The women around me were in the same situation...skinny girls were freezing and other women falling out the front of the gown, exposed and vulnerable. Supportive staff and beautifully appointed waiting rooms paled as soon as I was asked to change and given a standard issue hospital gown.

I feel strongly that during these stressful times women have the right to be comfortable and more dignified. There had to be something better and I set out to develop it. During the next 18 months I networked and interviewed nurses, patients, doctors and hospital administrators. All were very generous in sharing their ideas of what a patient gown should be. Being able to survive a hospital laundry was paramount. I worked with a regional hospital laundry to test different fabric samples. As a result, Janes are extremely durable.

In October of 2012 Janes were ordered by the Breast Health Center at Women and Infants Hospital. The patients loved them...I was so encouraged by the feedback. From that one Breast Health Center Janes began to sell throughout the country. All very exciting.

Unfortunately, at that time I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Following surgery, during chemotherapy and radiation my Jane was my best friend! I had not intended to become the “poster child” for Janes...I am here to say that Janes are comforting and make a difference in how I felt and how I was viewed. My Janes gave me confidence as well a secure feeling.

My passion today is to get the word out to women everywhere that ‘it is okay to bring your own gown’, that women have the right to comfort and that there are alternatives out there to the traditional much lacking patient gown.

Today, Janes come in a cinch sack for carrying, 2% of the profits from every Jane sold funds free mammograms for underserved women and many women have started taking them to all doctor appointments.

Please know that it is okay to bring your own gown...Jane. Whether as a gift for a friend in the hospital, home recovering, going through treatment, new and nursing mothers, for travel or to take to the spa...think Janes! To get your own Jane please go to our Online Shop.


Meet the Founder

Like so many other fortunate women, I am a daughter, sister, mother, and a friend to incredible women. How lucky I am to have such a supportive network. What a thrill to think that I could make even a small difference in their lives.

After more than thirty years in the Corporate Business world and loving every bit of it, the idea of challenging myself to become a social entrepreneur was very exciting and really scary. Would I be able to put to use the best practices from my other life to create something of my very own? Could I possibly help others at the same time?  What a fabulous opportunity! 

Janes are affordable and designed for women everywhere. Janes make a positive difference in the lives of women during medically stressful times. Please ask about them at your next scheduled appointment.

Thank you so much for helping me GO FOR IT!

Sharon Linder / Founder


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