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Comfort Maternity Gowns, Hospital Approved Gown, Made In U.S.A

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From your first ultrasound through your baby's birth and beyond, your body deserves the comfort, ease, and dignity of being wrapped in Janes™ our maternity gowns are approved by hospitals across the US.

With Janes™, you can kick that vulnerable feeling to the curb and:

      • Wrap yourself in a warm, lightweight knit fabric gown, built for comfort, with a hint of feminine flair.
      • Gain confidence from knowing you are fully covered at all times. Mothers-to-be deserve modesty.
      • Know that Janes™ will withstand the challenges of motherhood and wear well through many, many washings. Whether feeding, bathing, or just lounging with your baby, dress with ease in your Janes™.
      • Lenght 39" Sweep 70" Sleeve 12"
      • 52% Cotton 48% Polyester For Comfort and Durability.
      • Machine washable.
      • Made in U.S.A
      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!  


So treat yourself and all the women you care about to greater empowerment, peace-of-mind and the right to choose what to wear wherever they are: Wrap them up in the warmth and beauty of Janes™. Buy Now!