Jacks-the antidote to uncomfortable, scratchy, undignified patient examination gown! Jacks are truly patient centered, patient empowering, and patient comforting. Traditional paper gowns never seem to keep you warm or covered enough while you wait for a medical procedure or while in the hospital. Jacks are light and fold up nicely into a small string bag. They are affordable, washable and comfortable enough to wear at home. The robe even has a pocket.

Jacks have been commercial laundry tested and approved. Therefore, in your home machine…you could wash a Jacks hundreds of times and the gown will come out looking much like it arrived to you today.

Order your “Jack” to bring to your next appointment. Wearing a warm, cozy, and comfy wrap style robe makes a positive difference during any stressful medical procedure, or a long wait in the examination room. Men deserve the same comfort and dignity women have come to love wearing Janes.

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